The Work

The guidance Caroline offers uses the mind to bust the mind. Weaving magic through starry stories, she leads you into the void where gravity no longer applies. Working with Caroline will reignite your reverence for the above and the below, as you enter a playground of paradox where all rules are meant to be broken by the truth. In a reading with Caroline, you're sure to learn the rules of opposites thoroughly so that you may break them responsibly. She invites you to be an accomplice to her work, where you can spiral into new patterns of being and becoming astronaughty.

I hold space for the ineffable. I receive the unspeakable mystery of your immediate experiences with the collective unconscious, and I consecrate them through oral and wr...
Shamanic Astrology ✧ Psychic Integration
Receive guidance on transitioning to a high-raw, plant-based lifestyle! In our coaching sessions, I meet you where you're at in order to optimize your athletic work and o...
Raw Health ✧ Lifestyle Coaching
Let's play and co-create with the twelve essential astrological archetypes whilst dreaming the dream onwards!
AstroDrama ✧ Mythic Imagination
One-on-one and/or small group classes working with the traditional Mysore method, helping you cultivate a daily self-guided practice.
Ashtanga Yoga ✧ Neuromuscular Work

A Muse of Musical Spheres

IntraStellar Medicine for the

One and Only Star

That You Are