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Professional matchmaker in Los Angeles

Intimacy by Design

Your desire is non-negotiable.

Otherwise, it'll leave you wanting.


Intimacy doesn't happen by accident.

It happens only by design.

Professional matchmaker in Los Angeles


Caroline Naughton, also known as "The Godmother," is an astrologer based in both Bali and Los Angeles. Her readings explore the subconscious realms that manifest in intimate relationships, and her greatest gift is introducing people to the relationship of their dreams.


The work is incredibly fulfilling for her own Libra Moon, which is all about helping others get what they want and getting what she wants along the way. She often wonders when she will exit the dating scene herself, but for now she enjoys playing the game and musing upon all the right dates (and charts) to love!


Her sessions include image consulting, that is imagining your inner and outer worlds aligned for ultimate success. The purpose of an image consultation is to ensure that your appearance is an accurate representation of the life and love inside of you.

Astrological love languages

Astrological love languages

Inspiring Meaningful Coincidences

There’s so much more to you than your Sun sign. Unfortunately, the dating apps you know and love do not filter any deeper than that. They may account for age preference, but they certainly do not account for the major seasons and cycles of your life. Our astrological matchmaking course is an innovative form of relationship research that helps you investigate and elevate your quest for significant others, creative partners, and business colleagues, all the while discerning romantic, platonic, and professional compatibility.

June 15, 8:30pm PST

June 17, 9:30am PST


Singles Coaching

This is for the ladies and gentlemen who are still getting clear on their value in the dating game. Whether you’re single or coupled, there’s a risk you’re not getting what you’re truly worth. Perhaps you are settling for less-than-ideal partners. Maybe you're calling in a partner who’s out of range. In any light, it's important to reflect on what you bring to the table. Are you delivering the full package, or are you holding yourself back?

In this day and age, I'm well aware of the possibility that you'll meet your match online. That said, our strategy sessions will focus on creating a distinctive profile for dating apps and social media. I'll even use astrocartography to locate "the one" for you in hotspots around the world.

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Singles Coaching
Signature Reading

Signature Reading

My signature reading is for the esoteric souls who are seeking a guide on the path to greatness. I will help you explore your reasons for being here at this rare time and offer you insight into your life purpose. Perhaps most important is my desire to boost your confidence and dissolve your doubts. We all need someone to show us where we are being unreasonable.

These readings reveal important companions along your journey, especially the romantic partners who are most aligned with you. I will help you see the best case scenario and give you auspicious dates to activate your fate.

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Media Training

Media Training

Media training and interview prep is for the artists and entrepreneurs who maintain a public persona. If you have put your lifestyle on display, it's important that your audience sees and hears you clearly. Here I will help you prepare for important interviews by anticipating controversial questions and keeping your reputation clean.


You don’t want people to abuse your name and misinterpret what you have to say. No matter how big or small your business is, representation matters. I will help you craft effective content and ensure that your message is consistent throughout every aspect of your brand.

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LEAD, follow, OR GET OUT OF the way.
Image Consulting
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Image Consulting

Image consulting is for the ladies and gentlemen who want to go the extra mile to leave a fabulous first impression. We all want to look and feel our best, whether for social, professional, or romantic reasons.


These style sessions will help you clarify and commit to your personal brand identity. We will create a coherent platform for you to communicate your values and get what you deserve. This work is all about reimagining yourself in the various roles you play and reclaiming your image as a lady in demand.

Drama Therapy

Drama and expressive arts therapy is for the edgewalkers who know they are approaching a significant turning point and need assistance leveling up. This offering can be particularly insightful for forward-facing individuals who use their voice and character as major channels of engagement.


I will offer adjustments on your tone and fluidity of speech, prompting you with powerful scenarios where you'll be encouraged to present yourself with even greater poise. You will receive guidance on how to hear and embody your calling, all the while expanding your range and refining your zone of genius.

Drama Therapy
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There are three sides to every story: yours, mine, and the truth.
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