Escort of the soul and interpreter of soulful synchronicities.


Caroline holds space for the ineffable. She receives the unspeakable mystery of your immediate experience with the collective unconscious and consecrates these visceral experiences through oral and written transmissions. By contemplating the art of the chart, you will come to understand your soul's original intent within a framework of symbolic, psychological understanding. The birth chart offers you an object on which to focus – an object that can be abstracted (but not separated) from the ego. The birth chart is a meditative tool that conveys your auric signature, and it offers you unique mantras to integrate into your daily practice.


Caroline was called to the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School after earning a graduate degree in Cognitive Science and Archetypal Psychology from Northwestern University in Chicago, USA. She heard the call at spring equinox, a time ripe for initiation. Devoting herself to planetary guides and teachers, she inquired into the musical mysteries of her horoscope. Astrology created space for metaphorical agility – contemplating the chords and discords of her chart while revisioning her personal cosmology. To this day, astrology is her yoga. It is a practice which honors the cycles and seasons of life. Outer and inner space is a living theatre where she can perform the music of the spheres, for planet medicine is her muse and celestial songs carry a wonderful tune.

Muse of Musical Spheres


Channeled  Down



Transformative psychic insight in devotion to your soul’s celestial and terrestrial navigation.


Decodify enigma and reanimate your soul with meaningful questions and purposeful patterns.



The Work

My astrology uses the mind to bust the mind. Weaving magic through starrytelling, I lead you into a space where gravity no longer applies. Working with me will reignite your reverence for the above and the below, as you enter a playground of paradox where all rules are meant to be broken by the truth. In a reading with me, you're sure to learn the rules of opposites thoroughly so that you may break them responsibly. I invite you to be an accomplice to my work, where you can spiral into new patterns of being and becoming astronaughty.

The tropical zodiac is a medicine wheel rooted in the four cardinal directions. When the signs are explored, you can see where you're going. The astrology you'll learn is earth-centered and operates from a mythic perspective. Indigenous cultures around the world tell us that authentic shamanic ceremonies are mythological re-enactments of cosmological events. Over time, cultural ceremonies and mythological stories are draped onto the physically observed cycles of the planets and patterns of the constellations. At the turning of the ages, we are to participate ceremonially with as many cosmological cycles as possible, reanimating the ability to co-create with the emerging mythos of a new age.

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