• Caroline Naughton

A Third House Mess

We never stand eye to eye

Always a stair above

Kneeling while I lay

Darting where I stay

Either you’re falling

While I rise

Or you’re rising

As I fall

The beat

Is your call

Saluting the Sun

I’ll never know

How tall you could be

Next to me

I flew too close

Blinded by your light

Now I’m sober

And you’re still high

Come down

And greet me

Or at least

Let me rise

To meet you

With a sizzle

For my courage

To be lifted

And outgrown

Will break your heart

Today you were shaky

In a balancing act

You needed a spot

The wall, your best friend

You started to slant

Getting farther

From the simmer

Where I left you

Catching up to a boil

I let you lead

As the older sister

I knew you could be

I bought a third house

And invited you to stay

Turned up the thermostat

And led Saturn astray

Why, oh why

Does the Sun fall in Libra?

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