• Caroline Naughton

Backbending Through the Zodiac

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, within the Sacred Valley of Perú, one begins their zodiacal journey on the cusp of Scorpio. Down yonder, we penetrate the core of the Earth, feeling our impending death as the waters boil, trying to raise the surface once again. Here, we feel and heal the heat of the waters, realizing just how much we’ve dried up. Then, Sagittarius calls us on a vision quest to see how it’s possible to live up there, so high in the mountains where the earth has been preserved and the waters cannot destroy.

In Capricorn, we climb the mountain to ask the elders to share their wisdom, for we want to learn how to make our valley into a mountain for the next seven generations to come. Aquarius asks us to sit in meditation with this council of elders, envisioning a brighter future in harmony with spirit. Pisces encourages us to grieve the state of the valley, to bring us mercy by flooding our consciousness with newfound love for our land, dreaming the dream onward.

In Aries, we receive the divine impulse to protect our mother who birthed us. We clearly know our purpose here on earth, and we have been given a noble mission that we deem worthy. In Taurus, we are gifted with the capabilities to work and steward the land, for we are attached to it. In Gemini, we are called to spread the knowledge of daily rites and rituals that nurture the land, as Cancer reminds us that this is our home where we belong.

Our body is of the Earth, and Leo shows up to show us that this body is worth showing off. Virgo, the high priestess, enters the scene to serve as a role model for what a clean temple could and should look like. Libra is next, awakening those parts of ourselves that still have not agreed to collaborate with this sacred calling...those parts of ourselves that have yet to discover or recover their purpose here on Earth.

Finally, Scorpio comes back around and asks us to descend into the valley with these parts and partners; however, we learn that we can only go so deep until we must explode, until we're fated to purge. The Earth has a finite core, yet she contains infinite atmosphere, so we are inclined to ascend yet again, for we can always go higher. “There’s always another mountain to climb,” says Sagittarius, for there are always beings who've walked this zodiac before.

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