• Caroline Naughton

Full Moon Sunsets

With this upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn squaring my natal Libra Moon, and Leo Venus separating from her exact opposition to Aquarius Mars, I am reminiscing on the respective, reciprocal roles of the divine feminine and masculine.

It’s that time of day

When the lover and the Beloved stroll hand in hand.

It’s that time of day

When my heart is reminded

How it can be torn in two...

Two hands holding.

I tried to hold your hand

But while I was watching sunset,

You were already preparing for sunrise.

Always focused on your next resurrection

Perfectly content watching me wane in pain

Watching me drop deeper below the horizon

So you could make your next hot announcement.

You never needed to hold me to know I was there

But I needed to hold you

To know I was ready to disappear

To disappear beneath the ground of my wakeful hours

Into the deep slumber of forgetting

Who I am.

And I needed to hold you

To know when it was time to rise

When it was time to come out of hiding

To muster up the strength

To be seen again.

And that’s why you rise

And I receive

My sunshine.

When you go down

I come up

When you come up

I go down

But only in your will.

Oh, Great Mystery

How you play games with me!

You hide and seek

Yet I am the one that moves you,

Holds you,

Receives you in all your glory!

Twelve long hours I waited for you

For without you I had nothing to hold,

No one to serve!

Without you I had no vision,

No mirror to see into my depths of my own soul.

Without you,

I was nothing!

Scratch that...

I was something

I was delusional.

Imagining that I was empty

Even though I was full of you

Even though I was pregnant with you

Even though I gave birth to you.

I’ve raised you to your highest heights and caught you from your farthest falls

I’ve had enough

I've seen all there is to see.

I release you.

Go, I beg you!

Start a new day

Let me rest now.

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