• Caroline Naughton

Mars Retrogrades Through the Hummingbird Heartbeat

The hummingbird’s wings flutter fast, but they appear to be moving in slow motion. Likewise, the sign of Aquarius rises quickly, yet its retrograding grace appears to offer a deceleration to our time.

Right now, Aquarius Mars is at perihelion (closest to the Leo Sun), as the hummingbird rises above and suspends itself from the dramas of the Heart. The hummingbird is unlike Icarus, careful not to get burnt. Its wings are delicate.

During this total lunar eclipse on Friday, Black Moon Lilith will hum along with Mars in hummingbird territory. Seeing Leo light reflected through Lilith’s holographic holes, Mars will task himself with taming the lion’s mane. The lion may become extraordinarily fierce as its light is interrupted by Earth’s shadow, shattering the mirror which Leo loved to call home. With the Sun unable to see itself through its usual hole, the lion must outsource reflection to Mars, relying on the hummingbird to real-eyes its own bright light and gentle heart. As the Moon dims throughout the eclipse portal, Mars will grow ever brighter to our earthly gaze. What happens when the Sun outsources authority and transfers its domain from the Moon to Mars?

This may be the first time in a long time that Mars is unresponsive, for Aquarius is all about insourcing authority. Mars confronts the Sun head on, with surprising grace. Grace that is perhaps misunderstood. Grace that is perhaps bright red, read as the color of exile. The Sun is asking to be invited into the hummingbird heartbeat, to be reaccepted into the Aquarius commUnity.

Mars shines so bright at this time in the night sky, witnessing many a phase of Blood Moon, gently reminding the lion that it has already been accepted, despite being unacceptable... Honoring all it has cost the Sun to show up here, into the wild unknown, with longing to be seen, by its Great Mother.

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