• Caroline Naughton

My Entitlement

My name is entitled to your design, and yet, it was your majesty that named me. The honor you were gifted from above, is what entitled me. Now, what my title is entitled to, is something else entirely. As Jade says, that’s just politics - but not very just. Poly-tricks.

What is my human right? What would it cost to compost the hubris of humanism?

Is my name appropriate? Is my name right? Do I deserve my name? What makes me worthy of the spell C-A-R-O-L-I-N-E? Oh, my god. I’ve got it all backwards. What makes the spell worth IT? Why has Caroline been animated at all?

I am entitled to be subject to something greater than my title. I am subject to be overthrown by another title, and so I must obey the laws of nature and those that came before me.

Who bestowed upon me my name? Why are my parents entitled to that power?

What makes something honorable? What makes someone distinct from the rest? Did that special someone earn the honor - an additional reward, in addition to the rest? Or did another authority have it relinquished for its successful reclamation?

Perhaps it is not that we deserve these honors, but rather that we conserve them. Are these names merely garbage? ...recycling? Such is the way of the crown.

I am entitled to the name. The name is entitled to the game; to the competition. Entitlement is my enemy, my rival, my challenger. What will I win in the game against entitlement? What will I lose?

If I win, I will no longer carry a name. If I lose, the name is not of my own accord. Either way, the name is not mine. Without a name of my own, I have nothing to defend.

If entitlement is in defeat, can it still be kept alive? Might entitlement choose to unmatch itself and join the sidelines?

Will entitlement move from foe to friend? Will my former enemy ever see me the way I wish to be seen?

At its essence, entitlement sees that I am deep. Deeper than any title. Entitlement wants to know what’s going on INSIDE of me. Then it may call itself { … }

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