• Caroline Naughton

Off the Altar You Go

You took yourself off the altar

Done being front and center

Bigger and taller than me

You and I, too similar in shape

Ripe for comparison

Until you left me lonely

Green with envy was I

So you could take rest

With your crystalline heart of quartz

You sacrificed the old and sober

At the altar

Of tattoo guns

And rose-colored glasses

You’d rather worship at the altar

Of eye pillows

And moon circles

Than respect my honor

You took yourself off the altar

No homage was paid

No last supper before you laid

Down you went

Leaving no memory of yourself


All that time

Sitting next to you

And still

I never knew

What did you do

To deserve that space

On the altar

Where I stayed

My camaraderie came at no cost

Easy for you to bail

No case need be made

For why your freedom, couldn’t fail

Just your luck

The right card was pulled

Out of jail free

And there I was

In your stomping grounds

Standing small

Without a threat

He belongs to you

You can come over now

I have something you might want

But you don’t want to know

What I did

To deserve it

You’re entitled

To another altar

Your defense is worthless, anyways

It’s not a match

You want to light

Burn your incense

Somewhere else

To be frank

You can’t bear a rival

Of equal rank

What do you have to lose

Other than your worth

You will not earn

Another promotion

You did nothing

To deserve it

I came before you

You bear nothing

But a name

And the rest

Is garbage

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