• Caroline Naughton

Raining Diamonds

My body feels pressure. To seek clarification.

My body wants to clear the air, but she’s unresponsive. Uncoordinated. Lazy. Does she even want to do the work together? Why did she sign onto this partnership in the first place?

Is she busy planning other writes? Why isn’t this exchange working out as planned? Should I just ask for a refund? Oh no, humor me. Remember the last time someone asked her for a refund!

She says, “This isn’t working.” It appears that our timing is off. But, we never agreed to a meeting time. From the start, she insisted, “All in good time.”

No rush. And yet, she finds me waiting.

My body feels pressure - desire - to receive, for the sake of sharing. Childhood stories. Did she even read my work?

She’s not drawing any conclusions. No closed doors. So what’s that knock all about?

Do I want to give her what she wants?

She’s the teacher. And it’s my assignment to complete. What would it cost her if I quit?

My body is upset with me. I never should’ve introduced them. I should have left him outside. And now he’s branding her insides.

The whine is aging.

She didn’t ask me to leave, but she also didn’t ask me to stay. So why should I grow in my commitment? ...I’m not so sure.

My body feels pressure. To be a sure thing.

Temporary and indeterminate. Not to be deterred by time, tell me where faith lies. Tell me what to defend.

Show me that it rains diamonds on Saturn.

© Astronaughty 2020

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