• Caroline Naughton

Are You Ready to Receive the Medicine of Cancer Season?

Cancer’s honest mistake is not being ready. Refusing the call to give birth to oneself anew. Wanting to foster a child that doesn’t really want to be hers. And then putting off the responsibility because it’s the ‘wrong’ child. Well, where are the ‘right’ children then? Clearly unavailable. Still in the womb.

Nourish what you have available to you, Cancer, even though it may feel like the wrong match. What might initially feel wrong is really resistance to the call. The call to go deeper into your actual archetype. Commitment to build upon your authentic expression, rather than trying to put on a new birthday suit that doesn't quite fit. It's okay that you're not giving birth to Cancer quite yet, because you're still raising your firstborn. This child has already agreed to be birthed, so why impregnate yourself again when she herself is not fully mature?

Yesterday, you were almost convinced that Cancer is not the medicine you carry. You were not allowed to give birth to this archetype; in fact, she was exiled from the altar altogether. What would have to change for you to receive the medicine of Cancer? Allow Venus to let go of the poison of Leo. The delusion that because you are ultra special, ultra great, or ultra wounded, that you do not belong to the pride...that you are not safe here in your power...that self-induced exile is the only path to safety.

The medicine of Cancer is a commitment. A commitment to nurture the seed of an alchemized You, even if it takes more time than the pride would like. Cancer is not in a rush. She sticks around until the seed reaches full maturity, and if the seed is not ready to sprout, then she must hold a safe, patient incubator for it to crack. So, yes, you are the Cancer to your own Leo. You are mothering your little lion until she herself grows up.

To receive the medicine of Cancer is to realize the grace of your own exile. You made an offering and it was not received. You released an egg and it was not fertilized, even though you are clearly fertile. First, you must cook the Leo Queen to reveal the sweet, sweet nectar of her wounded pride. The lioness will feed on her own flesh. Royal eggs and jelly to break the fast of an arduous yet successful hunt. Cook her until she’s raw.

She’s not ready to be a mother right now. That’s why she miscarried. She’s still a child herself, and she is the first child that she’ll ever be able to raise. Tell me, are you ready to be raised?

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