• Caroline Naughton

Venus in Leo: A Tribute to Radical Self-Acceptance

My name is permission. You don't always have the privilege of gifting me. How am I supposed to know when to be of service to you, when you forget to ask for me?

My name is permission. You confuse me. You are grateful when I am your gift to give, but when I'm someone else's, you're just jealous!

My name is permission. I can't always be yours. You're just going to have to learn to receive me by surprise.

My name is permission. I don't only come on Christmas. Just leave me some oreos and milk, and I'd be delighted to stumble down your chimney.

You don't have to leave a note. I already know what to do.

My name is permission, and I was granted authority long before you were even born.

My name is permission, and I'll have you know that I gave you myself long before you forgave me.

My name is permission, and you already accepted me into your home. How else would you have received your construction permit?

My name is permission. Don't throw a temper tantrum waiting for me to appear. I'm quite sneaky, and the louder you are, the harder I am to hear.

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